Conservatives and the Tree of Knowledge

While reading about Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, I started thinking about the Genesis story of man’s fall from grace.  Mr. Gorsuch defended  a Christian family business’s right to refuse to comply with Obamacare’s contraception mandate as this impinged on their freedom of religion. And I started thinking, do conservatives think they are better than their God.

In the Book of Genesis, God tells Adam and Eve that they may eat from everything in the garden, except for the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.  Notice, how God did not keep the tree away from them.  He just merely warned them against it.  If he truly wanted to control the lives of his creations, he wouldn’t have put the tree there.  After all this is the only way to make sure that Adam and Eve  would not partake in it.  But He didn’t do that.  He didn’t do that because He, according to those who believe in Him, gave us free will.  The same way, we as parents tell our children not to do something, and then they do it anyway.  Those children took their parents admonition and then decided whether they should follow it or not:  Free Will.

I’m sure, if there’s an equivalent of a God’s conscience, that having humans partake in the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, was against His.  However, He did not remove this option from his creation.  He simply admonished them to stay away.

Yet, religious conservatives do not follow this simple example from God.  If something goes against their conscience, they want to impose that view on everyone, denying  people the first right that their God gave to His creation:  Free Will.

So the lesson from the Tree of Knowledge, it’s not that it was bad or evil, but rather, that we as humans have choices.  Some good, some not so good.  God let us know by planting the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, that we were free.  Free to make our decisions; free to live there forever without ever tasting the fruit; or taste the fruit and suffer for it.  But it’s up to us individually to make those choices and deal with the consequences from those choices.  If God did not keep the “bad” away from me, why should Father O’Rourke, or Pastor Campbell, or Sister Perez.

These religious leaders have it all wrong.  Their job is to guide their flock, not prohibit, or mandate their lives.



2 thoughts on “Conservatives and the Tree of Knowledge

  1. deaconamos says:

    This is interesting. I’m not disagreeing necessarily, but I am on the fence a bit here. It seems to me that the logical conclusion that you’re heading towards is to say that anything less than anarchy goes against the intention of Genesis, and I’m just not sure that’s accurate.

    If there were such a thing as government in the Garden, it doesn’t strike me as wrong or inconsistent for there to be a law against eating from the tree. This doesn’t take our choice away, but makes it clearer that what we’re choosing is frowned upon. It’s a law which attempts to imitate the command given by God and helps people to obey it. If that’s true, then any state laws which help reveal God’s laws would be viewed as helping society move closer to the ideal; and would then be something worth pursuing or supporting.


    • arrantalba says:

      Thanks for your comments.

      What you’re saying is exactly what I’m saying. Make the law but leave the choice to follow it or not to us the individual. I’m against organization taking away my freedom to choose based on their moral conscience. I should not be denied contraceptives through my employer offered medical insurance because my employer have decided it is immoral and against his principles. God didn’t do this. He planted the tree in the garden. It was Adam and Eve’s choice to eat from it or not. Not God’s

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